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Noureddin Zarrinkelk

Noureddin Zarrinkelk
1937 IRAN
Puppet Film; “Jiri Trnka” Studios; Prag 1975
Animation Film; “Royal Academy Of Fine Arts” Belgium 1969-1972
Miniature (Persian Traditional Painting) School; Tehran 1950’s
PhD Pharmacy; Tehran University 1955-1962


In the U.N.; Writer, Designer & Director (Under Production)
Pood; Writer, Designer & Director 2000
Identity (For UNICEF); Writer, Designer & Director 1999
Moscow; (Mouse & Cow) Writer, Designer & Director 1998
Sinbad; (Full length animated feature) Stylist, Director 1987-1991 (Hollywood)
Super Powers; Writer, Designer & Director 1982
A Way To Neighbor; Writer, Designer & Director 1978
Prince Amir-Hamzeh; Writer, Designer & Director 1977
The Mad, Mad, Mad World; Writer, Designer & Director 1975
Atal-Matal; Writer, Designer & Director 1974
Association Of Ideas; Writer, Designer & Director 1973
Philipo and a Train from Hong Kong; Director 1971 (Belgium)
A Playground for Baboush; Writer, Designer & Director 1971 (Belgium)
Duty, First; Designer & Director 1970 (Belgium)


Rumi’s Stories, Illustrations (under Publication)
Prince Arsalan, Illustrations 2005
Mullah Nasruddin, Illustrations 2005
The Elephant and the Ant, Text & illustration 2005
In the U.N.; Text & Illustration 2005
From the waters; Text & Illustration 1996
Multi-Job Factory; Text & Illustration 1988
A-B-Zoo; Text & Illustration 1986
Medical Publications (700 Title); Design & Illustration 1984-1985
If I were God; Text & Illustration 1983
When I was a Kid; Text (Illustrations by Zarrinkelk Junior) 1981
Story of the Silk Worm; Text & Illustrations 1979
Cyrus the King; Illustrations 1977
Albino and the Princess; Illustrations 1976
Folk Tales From Asia; Issue 1-3 Illustrations 1975
New Year’s Day and the Kites; Illustrations 1974
Story of the Carpet Flowers; Illustrations 1973
Albini and the Sphinx; Illustrations 1972
The Crows; Illustrations 1968
Hero “Amir-Hamzeh”; Illustrations 1967
The Myth of the Sphinx; Illustrations 1965
Iran, Crossroad of Caravans; Illustrations 1964
Text Book For Schools (Grade 1 to 4); Illustrations 1960-1970
Various Newspapers; Graphics, Illustrations, Caricatures 1950-1960


Other Activities
President of (ASIFA) international Association of Animated Film since November 2003
Member of the board of directors of ASIFA* International, 1988-2000
Founder and President of ASIFA* Iran since 1986
Founder and Teacher of Animation, Post Graduate School, “Farabi” Art University, Tehran 1977-1996
Founder and Teacher of the first Animation School, Tehran 1974-1977
Member of ASIFA International since 1971
Jury Member of various international animation festival and illustration Biennales since 1975


“Jewell of the Cent” for “The Mad, Mad, Mad World” 2000
Collection “Chihiro” Museum, Japan “Mullah Nasruddin” 2000
Jury’s special award, “Tehran International Biennial” Iran for “Mullah Nasruddin” 1999
Jury’s special award “Tehran International Film Festival” Iran for “Supper Powers” 1989
Special Mention “Bologna Book Exhibition” Italy for “A-B-Zoo” 1987
Diploma of Honor “Hans Christian Anderson Jury” for “Lifetime Achievement” 1984
Diploma of Honor “Gifooni international Film Festival” Italy for “Prince Hamzeh” 1978
Diploma of Honor “Paris International Film Festival” for “the Mad, Mad, Mad World” 1977
First Prize for Subject “Oberhausen International Film Festival” for “the Mad, Mad, Mad World” 1977
Plate of Honour, “Cairo International Film Festival” Egypt for “the Mad, Mad, Mad World” 1977
Silver Prize “Espinho International Film Festival” for “the Mad, Mad, Mad World” 1977
First Prize for Subject “Saloniki Intl.Film Festival” Greece for “the Mad, Mad, Mad World” 1977
Diploma of Honor San “Francisco Intl.Film Festival, for “Association of Ideas” 1975
Best Book of the year “IBBY**Iran” for “When I was a kid” 1975
Prix “Clothide Coupie” Belgium “National Film Festival” for “Duty, First” 1973
Prize for Schools “Annecy International Film festival”, France for “Duty, First” 1969
Golden Apple “Bratislava Intl.Biennial for Illustration”, Slovakia for “ The Crows” 1971
Best Book of the year “UNESCO International”, Tokyo, Japan for “ The Crows” 1970
Best Book of the year “UNESCO Iran”, for “ The Crows” 1970
Plate of Honor “IBBY”**, Iran for “Myth of the Sphinx” 1969


For more information see “Who’s who in graphic Arts” 1984, Switzerland and “Cartoons” By Giannaiberto Bendazzi (J.L.P publisher)1988, Italy

*ASIFA: Associasion International du Film d’Animation
**IBBY: International Board of Book for Youth



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Noureddin Zarrinkelk
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Noureddin Zarrinkelk

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