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Iranian Graphic Designers Network

 About Iranian Graphic Designers Network

The Iranian Graphic Designer Network, founded in 2005, was among the first professional graphic design networks in Iran. They count 249 professional graphic artists as members and their portal site has registered 25000 artists. Among its initiatives are free weekly workshops for its members and associated graphic artists, teaching graphic software to members, and a career opportunities service. The IGDN lends aid to various charity organisation including the children’s cancer organisation in Iran.In joining Icograda, the IGDN seeks to develop international relations, opening doors for its member abroad and also increasing dialogue with international designers to foster internal growth and new ideas.

GRAPHICIRAN.NET – Goals of Iranian Graphic Designers Network

۱)proposed policy for the preservation and development of graphic art , nationally and internationally.
۲) collaborating institutions Art Howe in the fields of knowledge bases of Iranian Graphic .
۳) study and using new theories graphic graphics relying on Iranian culture.
۴) encourage and support fundamental research and graphic design at the national level.
۵) proposed policy in relation Hnrgrafyk communities and graphics conventions .
۶) propose policies to expand Vmbahs art criticism in the visual aesthetic.
۷) introducing Iranian graphic internationally and communication between designers.
۸) اth annual evaluation indices Hnrgrafyk in the country.
۹) holding annual meetings in different fields of art graphics .
۱۰) Evaluation of deficiencies in the educational system in the field of graphic and authorities suggested.
۱۱) studied the relationship between a field of research on graphics and other sciences.
۱۲) entrepreneurship for students and job seekers at the national level graphics course.
۱۳) introduced the artists and researchers active in the field of Iranian Graphic .
۱۴) support the Compilation and Translation Resources Hnrgrafyk .
۱۵) the formation of specialized groups in the field of art graphics and visual communication.
۱۶) suggested that the criteria of granting art designers Iranian activists.
۱۷) awards to outstanding personalities in the field of research, translation and Creations art graphics

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Associations, Societies and Organizations of Grahic & Design



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Graphiciran – IGDN
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Graphiciran – IGDN
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Graphiciran – IGDN
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Graphiciran – IGDN

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