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Fernando Báez

Digital Art Director & Freelance Designer

Madrid, Spain

I’m Digital Art Director, UI/UX Designer and Freelance Graphic & Web Designer from Valladolid (Spain) currently based in Madrid. I love everything that has to do with Web design & development, Graphic design, Packaging, Industrial design and I feel a true devotion for typography.

I love minimal design, simple and clean, and how you can catch attention just using white spaces, color and contrast, so most of my work goes in this way. I consider myself as a hardworking and reliable person, who works with passion and who just love making pretty things.

I studied 4 years of computer programming and after needing something more creative to deal with, I studied Advanced Graphic Design and Advanced Web Design in Aula Creactiva, a design school located in Madrid downtown. Currently, I’m studying Industrial Design at Antonio Nebrija’s University in Madrid.

It’s been three years since I started my freelance business, and currently, I work as Art Director for a Digital Marketing agency called Distrito 01 (http://www.d01.es). I have worked and made proposals for clients such as Santillana, PlayStation, Disney Pixar, Yelmo, IPECC or Chamberlain. Right now I’m also working on a personal project, a design & art magazine called ‘Alterego’, which will see the light very soon. I spend my freetime making freelance work and sport, going around with my moleskine in the pocket or just playing with Photoshop, Illustrator or my new toy, Cinema 4D, to learn new stuff.

I love working with people, specially if they have the same passion I have for what they do.

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Fernando Báez
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Fernando Báez
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Fernando Báez
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Fernando Báez

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